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The Grave
The Grave

The Grave

Shirja Mia is grave digger. He begs from village to village to get death news. Now he has only two things in his life. One is a doll which he bought for his daughter and other is a number which he has got from his ancestors. His ancestors believed that if someone could dig hundred graves he would surely be placed in heaven. But no one could ever reach the target. When shirja was young he came to a Char and got married. They had a lovely daughter named Rahela. He had to go to town for work. Rahela asked for a doll from the town. One day Shirja bought a doll, but he couldn't come back to Char due to bad weather. Next day he heard that the tidal bore had washed out the Char. Later he came back to Char. But he didn't find his daughter and wife anywhere. The Char was full of dead bodies. At that time he started digging graves. When one grave left to reach the hundredth, he falls in big crisis with a girl like his daughter. Will Shirja be able to complete one hundred graves?

Duration: 132 Min

Quality: বাংলা/Bengali

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