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Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu
Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu

Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu

Sri Ram is a young village guy, who starts loving a girl Seetha mahalakshmi from young age. Sri Ram remains in the village, Seetha goes to the city for higher education and keeps coming to the village for holidays. Sri Ram and Seetha become good friends after a couple of positive incidents. Sri Ram tries to impress her in many ways and tries to express his love throughout the first half of the movie. Seetha rejects his proposal when she gets to know that Ram loves her. The Second half is more of how Ram wins her love and impresses Seetha's Family with his determination and overcoming some challenges.


Actor: Raj Tarun , Ranadheer Beesu , Raja Ravindra , Shakalaka Shankar , Arthana Binu , Aadarsh Balakrishna

Director: Srinivas Gavireddy



Release: 2016-01-29

Duration: 145 Min

Quality: বাংলা/Bengali

Rating: 0